Sitecore News Mover pushed a little further

October 13, 2014 at 10:33 PMVicent Galiana

The good old "news mover" (Or item mover) has been there helping in most of my project, so I thought it´s time to give something back.

Supporting multi-source Path property 

Until the pull request is accepted (If it´s accepted), you can find here a slightly different version, which supports a new property "roots" per template.

This property is optional and accepts one or more item ID´s separated by "|". If this property is used, only descendants of any of these items will be moved.

This parameter is useful if you only want items under a specific folder to be moved into folders.


            Define a template configuration.

              @id: [required] Any item based on the configured template will be ogranized

              @sort: [optional] How to configure the sorting of 'folders' and the item

 (Ascending, Descending, null)

                DateField: [required] The field on the template where the date is set

                YearTemplate: [required] The template to use for creating year 'folders'

                MonthTemplate: [optional] The template to use for creating month 'folders'

                DayTemplate: [optional] The template to use for creating day 'folders'

                @formatString: [optional] The Year/Month/Day nodes support this attribute. 

                                          It will control how to format the date for the 

name of item.  defaults - yyyy/MM/dd for year, month, day nodes respectivley

              @roots: [optional] One or many item id´s separated by | Only descendants

 of any of these will be processed



            <template id="user defined/newsarticle" sort="Descending">


              <YearTemplate formatString="yyyy">Common/Folder</YearTemplate>

              <MonthTemplate formatString="MMMM">Common/Folder</MonthTemplate>

              <DayTemplate formatString="dd">Common/Folder</DayTemplate>



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